On Friday 13 December from 17-21, we will hold the biannual platform where the ‘experiments’ will share their experiences with each other and with the other participants. It is not only for those who are currently participating in a given season but also for others – artists and art lovers – members and non-members.

It is only a criterion that you want to engage in artistic conversations and be curious about what emerges when late artists venture into the unknown. For interested parties, please contact Lotte Faarup at lotte@forsoegsstationen.dk.

There is homemade soup after the formal programme.

The trials on this platform are:

Ellen Kilsgaard – GESTURES (ROCKS AND BONES) – a study of geological processes in dance and music

Sven E. Kristensen – The Foxcave – an investigation of the immersive theatre genre and how to tell a sensory story that envelops its audience in interaction, sensing and narrative.

Sara Gebran – The circular self – what are the different ways of intimacy, which could be developed from forms of inclusion on stage and semi public spaces?

My Lindblad – STRIKT – A choreographic study of fear.

Annika KompArt- Speech(less) – a choreographic investigation of language as sound and rhythm.

Sofie Grodin – MARATHON – Theatrical remembering through objects and sound – How do we develop the emotional visual dramaturgy of Marathon?

The Olske Orkester – The Vibrations of the Actor – what physical and mental forces are needed to create the vibrations that penetrate the audience’s mind, body and bones?