As a member you can book a room for training, exercises, preparation etc. half days at a time, up to three times four hours a week, and max. one month ahead.



The Wittmaarck Room can be booked around the clock.

The Camera Room can be booked around the clock.

Boulevarden can be booked on weekdays from 11-17.00, and at weekends around the clock.

Truffaut is suitable for meeting activity.

For bookings for all sales, the new system is used.

The foyer cannot be booked, but members can use it for meetings, external office, etc. NOTE: Due to COVID restrictions, the foyer may not be used for anything other than walk-throughs to halls.


Only members can book rooms through the system. Instructions for the system will be provided upon registration. Tenants should contact the administration for bookings.

See the specifications of the halls here.

Here is the link to the new booking system that current members have access to book through.



For performing artists and groups who are not members, or whose members need longer continuous rehearsal periods, you can rent a room by sending an email request to our administrator or calling +45 93 98 65 55 during office hours (Monday-Friday 9-13).

Prices for hall rental season 23/24:
Daily rent 1,3750kr.
Weekly rental 8,000 kr.

Prices for hall rental with income season 23/24:
Daily rent 1,675 kr.
Weekly rental 10,000 kr.

For the rental of premises, the reservation is only completed when you receive a confirmation from the administrator that the contract has been signed and the deposit has been paid.