Platform is an artistic exchange of experience in word and practice of experimental projects, where we try to get to the core of the individual experimental work, but subsequently in a common plenary also seek to talk about trends and bigger lines.

All participants will have 40 minutes each to present their work, which can be done through storytelling and showing pictures and films – if possible, we encourage participants to show/engage the audience in a practice exercise from the experimental work, which can extend the storytelling in a sensory direction.


Saturday d. 10 December 2022 at 10 – 16 at the The Lab station

With presentation of trials from June to December 2022.

If you would like to take part, please register by 5 December at


Many greetings

Lotte and Øyvind

Artistic Directors at the The Lab station




Lise Aagaard Knudsen and Karen Eide Bøen

Inner Landscapes –

Can we develop a movement expression from slow physical practices that can affect the spectators’ bodies?

Trials: 8th – 12th and 5th – 9th December. 2022


Tim Matiakis, Rachel Tess and Karen Vedel

Choreographic practice and method development –

Is there a choreographic method that is consistent in Tim Matiaki’s choreographic work?

Trials: periods from 5 to 16 September, 7 November. – 18.11. ’22


Roosa Törma, Theresa Fogh Schou and Madeleine Cole

In Ter Weave –

How can bodily sensitive work with fabric materials affect and create movement qualities and mental images?

Trial: 31.10. – 4.11. and 28.11. – 3.12. ’22


Katrien van der Velden, Ida M. Nielsen and Lara O. Vejrup

Song of songs –

How do voice, body and dance relate to each other under the concept of love?

Trial: 31.10. – 4.11. ’22

Jakob Bentsen

Death’s door –

An attempt to develop a dream logic dramaturgy.

Trials: 21 – 30.11. and 5. – 11.12. 2022


Tora Balslev/ Daily Fiction

Body of sand –

What is the choreographic potential of the interaction between body, movement and sand?

2.11. – 4.11. and 9. – 15.11. ’22.

Tanya Montan Rydell and Lene Kreilgaard

Dancing Rebels –

How does dance work in public climate activism?

Trial: 11.9.22 – 18.12.22, every Sunday.


Ellen Kilsgaard

Empathy and responsiveness –

How can empathy and responsiveness as organized principles be the basis for clear form and resonant content in improvisations and choreographic structures.

Trial: 29.9.22 – 22.12.22, every Thursday evening.


B&W art and support

Teach each other lab –

a study of non-hierarchical learning processes

Mondays in autumn ’22 and spring ’23