The Lab station receives operating support from the Danish Arts Foundation.


See here for more information on framework agreements.

The Lab station has received project funding from:

  • The Danish Arts Fund Project Support Committee for Performing Arts
  • S. C. Van Fonden
  • Bikuben Foundation
  • The Art Fund’s Literature Committee
  • Performing Arts Committee of the Municipality of Copenhagen
  • Danish National Bank Jubilee Fund of 1968
  • Tuborgfondet
  • Vesterbro Local Committee
  • The Ginger Fund
  • Danish Actors Association
  • BUPL Solidarity and Culture Pool
  • EU
  • Lasson Andersen Fund


Unima Denmark
Colonial Historical Society
The Free Field Festival
CPH Internship
The National Theatre School’s Continuing Education

Theatre Studies, University of Copenhagen
Danish Actors’ Union
Independent Performing Artists
The Association of Danish Playwrights
Playwright Growth House
Happy Theatre
Dance Center South
Drama fronts
Dance industry council
House of Literature
Instructor Association

For The Lab station to achieve its goals, it requires fruitful collaboration with many actors in the performing arts world, both at home and abroad, and from established as well as non-established environments from the emerging layer.