Application for trials

To apply for an experiment at the Forsøgsstationen, please fill in the intention statement below and send a photo related to your experimental idea.
Feel free to add more relevant information, or attach other material of visual or auditory format (at the bottom of the form) that can help describe the basic idea of the experiment.
You can find inspiration and examples of intention statements on our website under “Experiments”.
The statement of intent should be sent to artistic director Lotte Faarup and a reply should be expected within a week.
Remember that in order to carry out experiments, you must be a member of the Forsøgsstationen, and within 3 months of the end of the experiment, submit a written report (min. 7000 characters including spaces) to our database and be able to participate in the Forsøgsstationennext Platform (December or June) with a presentation of your experimental work (lecture/video/common practice, etc.)
If the experiment is approved, the statement of intent will be archived together with the final report of the experiment in our database and will thus be available to other users of Forsøgsstationenor to outsiders interested in the experiment.

Brief description of trial participants and their professional background (max 1000 characters including spaces)
• Where does the idea for this experiment come from? Is there a desire to invent something?
Brief description of the basic idea of ​​the experiment (max 1000 characters including spaces)
• What theoretical and practical experiences within your experimental field do you rely on?
• Which working methods do you intend to use?
• Describe the plan for the practice of the experiment. (daily time, use of materials, external participants, etc.)
• Is it a starting point for a new production?
• What wishes do you have for communicating the experiment? (final open viewing, open working day etc.)
• Are there specific requests for dissemination of the final written report? (event, release, seminar, etc.)
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