All professional performing artists, dramaturges and theatre scientists, graduates or trainees, can become members of The Lab station.

If you wish to become a member of The Lab station or renew your membership for this season, please fill in this form and send it to mail(at) If you have not been a member before, please include a short CV. Payment information will be sent to you after approval. Please allow one week for processing from the time you have paid your membership fee until you can use the premises.

The season follows the theatre season, not the calendar year. That’s why renewal always happens over the summer. In the 22/23 season, a year’s membership August-June costs DKK 1,200. Please note that the house is completely closed down in July and cannot be used during this time.



√ Training

You can join the open training offered in the morning and evening.

√ Experiments

You can register on a first-come, first-served basis for the trials organised. However, some trials will be aimed at a specific target group and therefore closed.

√ Loan of premises for own experiments and training etc.

You can borrow a room for your own experiment for 1-3 weeks. Read more here. You can also book rooms for training, exercises, preparation, etc. or spontaneously borrow a room if it is available.

√ Workshops

You can participate in the Research Station’s workshops, development projects and open displays of experiments. Again, it’s first come, first served.

√ Arrangements

We have regular events where members and the industry can get new inspiration or create debate and dialogue about what’s going on. If you want to stay informed about our activities, you can subscribe to our newsletter here, or follow us on facebook.

√ Use of library, writing space, kitchen, foyer

You are always welcome to come and work or socialize in our foyer or our library. We have wireless network in the whole house and coffee is on the pot.

√ Rental of dwellings

The halls can also be rented for performing arts activities. Read more here.


A membership is valid for one season at a time, i.e. from August 2022 to 30 June 2023.

Individual membership:

New members must have an approved membership application prior to payment.

– Created in June-August: 1.200 kr.

Membership for artists outside Copenhagen: 450 kr.

Guest membership for artists living abroad: 300 DKK.

NOTE: We cannot guarantee that membership will be available throughout the season

Group membership:

Theatres and theatre groups can sign up collectively and this allows theatres or groups outside Copenhagen to use the premises for meetings and ‘extra’ rehearsal rooms – when they need to work in Copenhagen on projects. You can always rent, whether you are a member but as a group member you can come in the house throughout the year even outside actual trial periods, and of course book free rooms as individual members.

Group membership for theatres in Greater Copenhagen: DKK 3,500.
Group membership for theatres outside Stockholm: 1.900 kr.

Prices for salsa rental season 22/23:
Daily rental
1.200 kr.
Wages 6.100 kr.



Friends of The Lab station is a supporting membership for anyone interested in receiving invitations to open events, as well as information about the work of The Lab station. A supporting membership costs 200 DKK per year.