In addition to the main experiments that the artistic management of The Lab station is responsible for each season, it is also possible for members to initiate experiments themselves. The Lab station is happy to help with consultancy and organisation.

A trial must be approved prior to initiation, application (see the menu item Trial – Apply for trial on the website. You can borrow a room for your own experiment for 1-3 weeks.

An experiment is an investigation of a given topic/question/relationship in the performing arts that is not directed towards a fixed outcome, but is tested, observed and collected as new knowledge.

If you need inspiration, you can see the overview and details of last season’s trials here.

Here are links to documents about:
intention report
Requirements and possibilities for trials
Experimental report


The following criteria must be met for a trial:

  • The study director must be a member of The Lab station.

  • A completed letter of intent for the experiment must be approved by the artistic director. Template must be used.

  • The person responsible for the trial books a room with the administration (max. 3 weeks) and signs the agreement.

  • The trial manager and as many participants from the trial as possible exchange trial experiences with other trials during the first biannual Platform (Dec. or June).

  • The person responsible for the study submits a written report (min. 7,000 characters including spaces) and any other documentation to The Lab station within 3 months of the end of the study. Report template must be used.


The following resources are available and the following activities are possible in an experiment:

  • To have a room fully available during the trial period.

  • To borrow materials by agreement with The Lab station.

  • To expose its experimental work under the auspices of the Experimental Station.

  • To organise open display of the experiment with advertising through The Lab station.

  • That The Lab station exposes any subsequent production/project via PR material etc.