The mission of The Lab station is to promote research, development and training in the professional performing arts in Denmark.The professional performing arts include plays, music theatre, opera, performance, physical and visual theatre, dance, new circus, animation theatre and fusions between these genres, aimed at children, young people or adults. The Lab stationTo work towards this goal, has established itself as an open workshop for all professional performing artists in the old cinema Boulevarden on Vesterbro, where continuous training courses are offered, research projects are developed, workshops are organised and a library with professional books, films and music is established.

Here, The Lab station wants to be a platform for performing artists who want to train and experiment in their craft in collaboration and exchange with each other.

Here, research and crazy experiments can be tried out risk-free, after which experiences will be collected and disseminated, hopefully in the long term to influence new initiatives and new trends in the performing arts.



Experimentation is vital to all art, not to invent something new for the sake of it, but to force the artistic process somewhere other than where rational thought alone determines.

A real experiment prevents the predictable and biased solution because it puts us in an unknown situation. To navigate there, we are forced to be curious and humble about the task, and that – if we have otherwise invested both craft and soul – will invariably cause us to shift artistically.

If we are serious about innovating in the performing arts, we must develop our familiarity with this irrational subconscious landscape.

The Lab Station is in the service of experimentation and thus has as its main purpose, through training, research and development, to stimulate inventions in the Danish performing arts.

The Lab Station receives operating support from the Danish Arts Fund’s Project Support Committee for the Performing Arts. Framework agreement and annual accounts available here.



Read the Experimental Station’s statutes here.


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