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Member workshop – start of season

Start-up event for members – with Storyplay workshop

Saturday 24 September 2016
10-17 (detailed programme to be announced)

The management of the Experimental Station will host this kick-off event for the 2016/17 season, where new and old members will have the opportunity to get to know each other and thereby create space for new activities and cross-collaborations.

It’s free for members to join – but remember to renew your membership before you can sign up. Registration deadline Friday 16 September.

Storyplay is developed by Jesper la Cour from The Narrative Theatre. Jesper is a member of the Experimental Station and a member representative on the board.

Storyplay is designed to “develop and refine personal living stories for storytellers of all ages and backgrounds. The method is based on 25 years of meeting people, where ‘making’ stories using the narrator’s insight and the actor’s effects has been the focal point. Story Play refers both to a playful approach to working with stories and to producing a narrative game, i.e. a story that appears to be alive and kicking“. Quote from

Since last time:

News from the administration

The administration is now back after a wonderful summer holiday. Rikke Jeppesen Rod – together with Pil Rix Rossel – will be in charge of the administration, and Rikke will take care of our social media profile, newsletters, website and blog. Rikke is not a completely new face as she has been here as an intern.

You are always welcome to drop by during office hours if you have any questions regarding. with a membership of the Experimental Station, need help to make a booking or other. If you are not a member but would like to visit us, just ring the bell and we will come and pick you up.

Our office hours are:

Monday 9-13
Tuesday 9-13
Wednesday 9-13
Thursday 9-13
Friday 9-13

New front page for www on the way…

To make the Research Station website even better, we have asked Mads Find to help us design a new front page that will give visitors a quick overview of the website’s wealth of information, without unnecessary mouse clicks. Keep an eye on the website. It will happen soon…

Forum for members

We’ve been working on setting up a forum for members – and had initially tested whether WordPress could provide a simple system for it – but it’s more complicated than that, and we’ve decided to set up the forum in the form of a closed Facebook group. Register here and use this forum to communicate with other users of the house, spar with colleagues, ask for each other’s assistance, organise coffee clubs, spontaneous Friday bars or other good things.


We have the pleasure to host the Kenyan director George Mungai who is in Denmark to direct “The Merchant of Copenhagen”. During his residency here, he has worked through the script, edited it to fit the contemporary context, and had the first rehearsals on the floor.

The cast consists of a group of people who are all based in Copenhagen, but have roots in many different countries. The performance will be at Baltoppen in Ballerup from d. 24-28 August and tickets can be purchased via The performance is in English.

Ongoing trials

The aesthetics of death

Øyvind Kirchhoff is in Paris for the whole month of August in residency, where he continues working on last season’s main experiment “The Actor and the Übermarionette“, an investigation of the stage expression of the actor and the puppet theatre and the fusion of both into a new stage expression. In Paris he has conversations with actor Duccio Belluci of the Teatre du Soleil and mime and student of Etienne Decroux Robert Bennet – in the further study and exploration of the link between the biological and artificial body; between representation of the dead and representation of the living. The second part of the experiment “The Actor and the Übermarionette” under the title “The Aesthetics of Death” will start in October with a screening on Saturday 8 October 2016.

Manual for the actor

We are currently hosting an experiment – which takes the form of a writing workshop. Peter Kunz and Sofie Alhøj are working on a book about the actor’s work. A kind of “manual for the actor”. The aim of the work at the Experimental Station is to achieve greater clarity and precision in the wording of the book, so that it can be used freely by as many people as possible.

Peter and Sofie would like to invite you to a small reception/open talk about what they are working on, Wednesday d. 17 August from 16-17.30.

Peter Kunz is a musician, stage director and drama teacher at the Danish School of Performing Arts and the Conservatory of Music in Odense. Sofie is an actress from the Danish School of Performing Arts in Odense.

Audio slides

From 15 to 26 August, the “Sound Images” experiment will run. It is a collaboration between Vild Kammerat and Teater AbstraX and is supported by the Performing Arts Committee. The aim of the experiment is to investigate the sound of narration on stage by asking “How can we – based on Jón Kalman Stefánsson’s novel universe – intensify the sound of narration on stage?”
Participants in the experiment are Bo Stendel Larsen (actor), Ditte Laumann (actor) and Asger Kudahl (sound designer). There will be several screenings along the way, where members/audience are invited to share their experiences. Keep an eye on the website and our facebook page.


Last season we had the pleasure of hosting Professor Knut Ove Arntzen, Department of Linguistic, Literary and Aesthetic Studies, University of Bergen. His residency, which was supported by the Danish Arts Council, consisted of a workshop and a presentation at the seminar “Drama without Drama”, as well as organizing our library. Drop by, sit in a soft chair and immerse yourself in a classic piece of theatre, or new insights from a recently completed member experiment – we have all the reports on paper, and plenty of books on the performing arts, and everything that goes with it…

Welcome to the Experimental Station. Photo: Rikke Jeppesen Rod

Special for members:

Renewal of membership

Right now, there is an opening offer on membership for season 16/17: you get membership for the whole season for 900 DKK when signing up/renewing in August or September 2016. Otherwise, a membership costs 120 DKK per month (total 1.320 DKK for the whole season). Group membership costs 2.850 kr for the season.
For detailed information on registration and prices follow this link.

Become a member of Forsøgsstationen or renew your membership for the coming season by filling in this form and sending it to mail(at) If you have not been a member before, please include a short CV. Payment information will be sent to you after approval.

Mood shot from the hallway. Photo: Rikke Jeppesen Rod

Permanent activities for members

From 1 September 2016, there are again regular training offers for house members.


TUESDAYS 9-10:30
v/Birgitte Hinz & Katharina Kamber.
“The training explores body, mind and consciousness. Through concrete movement sessions, participants get the opportunity to feel themselves from within”.
More info here.

Nadine George voice training

wednesdays 9-11
by/Angelina Watson.
“Based on Nadine George’s voice training, we will work on breath and focus, as well as exploring the masculine and feminine expression of the voice.”
More info here.

MB training

THURSDAYS 8:30-11:00
by/Mireia Serra.
“The training works with relaxation, breathing, pace, coordination, movement, strength and balance with an overall focus on increasing fitness, body awareness and presence.”
More info here.

Self-organised morning training

On Friday mornings, there is always the opportunity to take the Boulevarden and do the morning training. The hall is open 8-11.

MHS Training Group

On Mondays at 8-11 am, the artistic direction is in charge of a weekly training, called MHS training. This form has been developed through one of the main experiments at the Experimental Station – and you can read more about the experiment and what the training is about in the experimental report “A Special Condition.” The training is not an open offer, but you can contact Øyvind or Lotte if you want to know more. The report is also available and you are very welcome to take a free copy.