There will be a “Platform” on Friday 14 June from 17-21, followed by dinner.

Platform is an artistic exchange of experience in word and practice between experimental projects, where we both exchange in small groups to get to the core of the individual experimental work, but subsequently in a common plenary also seek to talk about trends and larger lines.

At the end there is traditionally soup and bread.

The platform event is primarily dedicated to the trial actors involved, but interested parties are welcome to register.

Interested parties are very welcome, but please register at

The current trials are:

Birgitte Lundtoft
The blue hour. Choreographic and performative spaces of experience ift. study of the blue hour’s light, darkness and twilight.

My Lindblad
STRIKT – A choreographic study of fear.

Annika KompArt
Speech(less) – a choreographic study of language as sound and rhythm.

Declan Whitaker
To those who wait – choreographic study of compressed time

The Olske Orchestra
The Actor as Shaman – study in transformation and presence.

Borderline Theatre
The Biggest Dream – Examining the Emphasis Between Real and Fairy Tale Planes in Dramatic Narrative

Simona Zanini
Nayika, the heroine woman in different stage of love – a study of female characters in Indian dance.

Linn Sandegård
The Self – Examining the self as a physical state.

Sophie Grodin
Marathon – Theatrical remembering through objects and sound – How do we develop the emotional visual dramaturgy of Marathon?

Photo: from the experiment “Nayika, the heroine” by Simona Zanini