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To Those Who Wait

– Can a one second dance be just as valuable as a one hour dance?

“We have developed an appetite for immediacy, satisfaction and overstimulation. Duration is dead: In a world of increased technological dependence and decreased attention span, what are we willing to give our time to? Working with three physical dancers and one digital dancer (made using MikuMikuDance), To Those Who Wait will be an interdisciplinary dance performance that probes the borders of endurance and the audience’s thirst for momentary satisfaction. (…)

With this in mind, the work will challenge the idea of full-length dance by creating short works-within-awork; a conflicting sea of unmet expectations and providing people with ‘what they want’: brevity.”

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The team

The leader of the research is dancer/choreographer Declan Whitaker.

He is joined by Simea Cavelti, dancer, Daniel Harle, sound designer, Celina Liesegang, dancer, and Riccardo Tarocco, dancer.

The Research Report is available here.