The next platform will take place on Friday 14 December 2018 from 17-21 at the Experimental Station.

Platform is an artistic exchange of experience in word and practice between experimental projects, where we both exchange in small groups to get to the core of the individual experimental work, but subsequently in a common plenary also seek to talk about trends and larger lines. The platform event is primarily dedicated to the trial actors involved, but interested parties are welcome to register. Write to Lotte Faarup at to sign up.

12 exciting and very different trials have been completed – one trial could not participate in the last Platform and will therefore be added this time.

The evening ends with soup and bread.

Here is the list of experiments that share their work at this platform:

Stands&Dans/My Lindblad: Slowing down – challenging spectator and performer in slowness to see what happens to our inner pace and breathing when we lose perception of time.

The Olske Orkester: The Actor as Shaman – a study of transformation and presence.

Theatre Borderline: The Biggest Dream – Investigating the Emphasis between Real and Fairy Tale Planes in Dramatic Narrative

Katrine Bøtker and Freja Forsman / Theatre and Performance Studies – KU: Perception in the encounter between people – A performative study of covering in social space.

Andreas Lyon: From Studio to Studio – Investigating the Collective Learning Process for Actors

Jonas de Neergaard: The spark of the Blue Sea – study of the performer’s basic training – its conditions, its potentials.

Ellen Kilsgaard: Dance – dance – dance – investigation of collective research community

Sara Gebran: A land where no dragons hide – and I want to bright shivering lights in it – a choreographic study of vibration

Christian Rossil/ Department: On the Brink of a Crisis – What do we do when the next financial crisis comes?

B and W art and support: teach each other – a study of non-hierarchical learning in the performing arts

Experiment station: what is an experiment? – development of presentation format of experimental work