A year of unbridled and untamed creativity, influenced by and shared with the world, culminates in a performing arts experiment that blurs the boundaries between stage and internet audience in a new kind of creative process. A process where every step, from the first step in January 2012 to an unknown creative future, is accessible to everyone, can be influenced by everyone, and can be freely copied and used by everyone. Performing Art 2.0!

We are applying for the opportunity to work with the 20 most Liked and the 20 most Not Liked videos, or rather the 10 of Jens’ videos that have the most Likes/Not Likes and the 10 of Christian’s videos that have the most Likes/Not Likes.

The videos, along with lyrics and links to music, have already been on display at The Experimental Station for some time, so it feels natural to continue the work at The Experimental Station.

We will go to the floor with the videos in question, or rather with the physical material in them. We will try to recreate them, interact with them on screen or projection, find strengths and weaknesses in them and see how we can create something that has theatrical quality out of something that others think is bad or not good enough. We will discuss what works and what doesn’t work in the material, as well as cultivate these things.

Perhaps we will find out if there is performance potential in some of the material or in the project as a whole.

Read the trial’s statement of intent here