– creation of a working demonstration in word and practice based on the experimental series “The Actor and the Übermarionette”.

The experiment is a study of the stage expression of the actor and the puppet theatre and the fusion of both into a new stage expression.

The experimental team will develop a working demonstration that makes visible how constraints, physical obstacles and obstructions can release and create new possibilities for the actor’s and puppeteer’s work and expression. The experiment is led by Lotte Faarup and Øyvind Kirchhoff.

The working demonstration is an artistic and pedagogical form that emphasises communication and learning. The audience is drawn behind the stage curtain and into the creative space.

Photo: Øyvind Kirchhoff

The working demonstration is based on the series of experiments that the Experimental Station has conducted in recent seasons under the leadership of Øyvind Kirchhoff;
The Actor and the Übermarionette
The Aesthetics of Death
The Scenographic Actor

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Participants in the experiment are Rolf Søborg Hansen, Bjarne Kalhøj, Lotte Faarup and Øyvind Kirchhoff

Photo: Øyvind Kirchhoff

The project is supported by the Danish Arts Foundation through the framework agreement.