has moving day after New Year. There will be morning training on Thursday at 8:30-9:30 instead of Tuesday and evening class will move from Wednesday to Tuesday at 20-21 (also new time! – before it was 19-20).

NOTE: No GAGA on Thursday 24 January. On the other hand, there is GAGA during the winter holidays when the other trainings are on break.

Guest teacher for voice training
Angelina Watson, who teaches Nadine George Voice Work regularly every Wednesday, will be in production with the Olske Orkester from mid-January on the show “Salt”. We have therefore invited Anja Owe to take over the teaching from Wednesday 23 January until 10 April. Anja, like Angelina, is an accredited acting and voice teacher in Nadine George Voice Work and has assisted Nadine at her acting workshops with international participation in London. In addition, Anja has taught the method at e.g. The Norwegian Academy of Performing Arts in Frederikstad, Norway and at the Copenhagen Film and Theatre School in Copenhagen.

The training is for members and you must remember to register the day before to get a place, as it is often full house. See mobile number and details on website(link).

You can get an overview of all training activities here. We continue to have dance classes with Camilla Stage and Lars Bjørn on Monday evenings during Stands&Dans and Shakespeare Lab with Rikke Liljenberg on the first Sunday of the month.

Photo: Siri Wolthoorn

Anja Owe

Photo: Lena Paaske

Photo: Stands&Dans website