These days we are visited again by the group participating in the Story Play experiment, led by Jesper la Cour Andersen, Det Fortællende Teater. The group, made up of children, young people, adults and ‘even more adults’, will be speaking at a local school later today as part of the trial.

Read more about the house artist project, born from Jesper’s artistic practice in this article on Proscenium published on 13 February 2018.


In addition, we have entered into a collaboration with the Grob theatre on the theatre school PROLOG for young talents led by Freja Rault-Lykkeberg. Read more about PROLOG here. In connection with the project, Grob is holding a number of workshops in-house. Some are for the theatre school and some are open to all.

Photo from prolog’s facebook site

Read more about the upcoming PROLOG/Forøgsstationen events here.