We would like to invite you to an information meeting about “The sound of the audience” – a project of the international-local project “Caravanext” led by Odin Teatret, Holstebro.

Would you like to join a completely different choir? where you don’t have to sing beautifully, but helps create a soundscape of audience sounds and actions such as coughing, snoring, laughing, sighing, shushing, rattling candy bags, being still, standing up and walking, in a 50-person subtle choral work?- so come on down for information meeting on 7 January from 14-16 at the Experimental Station and learn more about the project “The sound of the audience“.

You are of course also welcome if your curiosity has been aroused but you don’t yet know if it’s for you.

Screenshot 2017-02-08 14.43.29

The choral work will be composed by the internationally renowned composer Peter Bruun in collaboration with the choral participants and conducted by a professional conductor.

The choral work will be performed during Copenhagen’s international theatre festival CPH STAGE from 1 to 4 June 2017, and rehearsals will start at the end of February 2017 here at Forsøgsstationen on Vesterbro.

In order to plan the afternoon, please let us know by email if you would like to attend, and feel free to pass on the invitation to your network if you know of others who might be interested.

Many greetings,
Lotte Faarup and Øyvind Kirchhoff
Principal investigators