Forsøget “The Laughing Game” ledet af Antionette Helbing inviterer til visning fredag den 17. januar kl 14.00 i Camera salen her på Forsøgsstationen.

Invitationen lyder således:

Sharing Session “The Laughing Game” by Antoinette Helbing 
On Friday the 17th of January at 14:00-15:00 Antoinette invites for an informal sharing session after conducting a 2 weeks long Forsøg with  “The Laughing Game”. The shown excerpt will last about 30 minutes followed by a feedback session.

The showing will take place in Camera Salen. No registration required. Just come as you are.

The Laughing Game is a choreographic solo work exploring the physicality, the sound and the particularities of laughter. A celebration of laughters’ diverse variety of functions, its unpredictability and its liberating force. Challenging what we think we know about laughter, Antoinette presents laughter as an alien, as a paradox and an anarchistic nature force. Which is more than just funny. Hahaha.

Foto: Jan Vesala