Welcome as a member of the Experimental Station! It’s our shared lovely house. We share the task of caring for and cleaning it up, so always leave it inviting and full of the commitment and good energy that you put into it. Bring your own mug and let it become part of our colourful collection.

Ordinary kitchen and office waste is put in the containers in the courtyard on the right (exit via the foyer). Bulky waste may not be thrown out here.

Loading and unloading
Door key and foyer key can be borrowed from the administration. The gate in the courtyard on the right is the widest, but the gate in the courtyard on the left is the highest. Unloading in the right courtyard can be done the way up to the glass door in the foyer, or by driving things down the ramp in the courtyard to the glass doors in Boulevarden (the main hall). Remember to keep 2 m. from the garbage house (for the sake of the garbage collection) and do not park longer than necessary. Close the gate during unloading.

Can be parked at the bicycle parking on the corner of Sigerstedgade. Bicycles are not allowed in front of the facade.

The Farm
We can use the courtyard on both sides of the building. We have some garden furniture that can be put out. However, we must be cautious about the use of garden furniture and areas by the cooperative in the courtyard on the right.

You use a code to unlock the door. It is changed about once a quarter. All members will receive an email notification,
when the code is changed.


Charlotte Rindom, administrator / Lise Aagaard Knudsen, co-administrator of the Experimental Station. Tel. 38 79 38 28.


The office is open for personal inquiries or by phone during the following hours: Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9-13.

The kitchen is at the free disposal of the members. Tea and coffee are free, but donations are welcome. The kettle must not be removed from the kitchen. Remember to bring the crockery etc. back to the kitchen. The sink on the left is for food, the one on the right for cleaning and washing up. Remember to put your used crockery in the dishwasher. Put it over if it is full.

The premises
When you leave a room, remember to turn off the lights, turn the heat down to 2.
Take all rubbish with you and return the room in the same condition as you received it. Do not move furniture and other fixtures around the house and respect any exhibits.

The main light board is located in the small room in the men’s toilet/changing room. There are also extra light bulbs. The light for the corridor and the Wittmaack room is in the small cupboard on the right at the start of the corridor. Do not put extra lamps in the sockets in Camera and Boulvarden. Fuses for Camera and Boulevarden are changed in the cupboard in the corner of the Stage, the rear room of the Experimental Station.

If you move furniture around in a room or move it from one room to another, remember to put it back.

Cleaning equipment and supplies are in the small room in the men’s locker room, as well as in the kitchen.

Smoking is not allowed in the Experimental Station. There are ashtrays at the doors to the street and courtyard. Do not throw cigarette butts on the ground, either in the yard or on the street.

Electronic amplified music or similar loud noise is not allowed between 22.30 and 08.00

The radiators are generally on 2. If you turn the heat up or down while using the premises, you must turn it back to 2 when you leave the room. Never turn down more than the frost protection (marked with *).


House rules in English(PDF)

House Rules in English(PDF)