Re-wilding – a relatinonscape Wild with Will – a relatinonscape

I want to gather a group of people of different ages, genders and movement/dance backgrounds, about 10 people – it could be a couple of children aged 8-12, a couple of teenagers, a couple of young professional dancers, some mature professional dancers and physical actors of all ages and a dancer over 70.

I want to work with the mixed group over time and build a dance practice based on responsiveness, harmony and movement. I will work to create an environment and practice where I explore how different ways of relating to each other – in dance – can be evoked in choreography.

The title ‘RE-wilding’ or ‘Wild with Will’ is a speculation on how a social landscape, like the garden, can become a beautiful space of reflection, precisely by virtue of the coexistence of many species.

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Choreographer Ellen Kilsgaard
Dancers I have an appointment with so far:
Otto (11 years old)
Julie (35 years old)