A study of style shifts and live projections of objects on stage.

We would like to develop a Stylistic Cacophony for the scenic expression in a possible future children’s show Slut Starut. The style of the performance will be a mix of object theatre, interactive video installation and comic performance.

How to create a live projected reality on top of the scenographic/physical reality? Which styles should be included in the performance and which art directions in the creation of objects & puppets?

We would like to develop a concept for live projection of objects/puppets and explore styles/art genres so that the performance visually reflects the inner reality of the main character by using style shifts throughout the performance. The work is based on a ‘deviced theater process’, where the material is created based on improvisations and joint research. I, Tea Rønne, have a dream of developing a new stage language, an interdisciplinary comic avant-garde language, with elements of digital installation art, word performance, slapstick, dance and serious clowning. Pina Bausch meets Japanese surrealism on a bed of David Lynch. For kids. And adults.

Read the trial’s statement of intent here


We hope that the experiment can lead us closer to a scenic stylistic cacophony, a scenic visual wildness, so that we can eventually apply for funding to develop the performance Slut Starut – a visual rebellion against a gray, competent and rational adult world.


The investigation and development of the artistic expression of the performance is a collaboration between scenographer/video artist Sissel Romme Christensen and idea maker/performer Tea Rønne.

Trial period:

December 2016-January 2017.

Trial report available here.