In November ’15, Anette Asp Christensen is leading an experiment at The Experimental Station. It’s called the “Second Skin Experiment”.
The experiment is based on the idea of the doll as a second skin.
She writes about the experiment: ‘Using body fragments based on casts of our own and each other’s bodies, we explore the transition and encounter between doll and human.
It is a play with body and doll and the relationship between the two: The relationship, tension and physical interaction between the living performer and the “dead” body parts.
We will work on the very basic questions: What is a puppet and how and when does it emerge? What can the doll tell us about being human? What themes, as well as physical and visual expressions and narratives emerge? What makes this doll come alive? How does it reflect our existence?”
Anette Asp Christensen is, in addition to being the experimental leader, also a dancer, puppeteer/maker, Katrine Nilsen is a set designer and puppeteer, Ingrid Tranum Velasquez is a dancer and puppeteer, Stine Q. Pagh is actor and puppeteer, and Jette Lund is dramaturgical consultant.
The public is invited to a presentation of the experimental work and a discussion about the potential of the work on Friday, January 22, 2016.
The time of the screening will be announced later here on Facebook.