The experimental project Sandy Island – A cross-artistic, immersive performing arts experiment, explores how to involve the audience in an immersive theater form and create a meaningful exchange between audience, stage space and performer, which contributes to the audience’s active co-creation of the work based on the Sandy Island phenomenon.

The team will test the immersive theater form in practice and gain experience with audience involvement in order to develop a concept that will eventually occupy an old flight simulator building in Dragør, Denmark, and treat a number of conspiracy theories in different architecturally designed spaces in an engaging and poetic way. The starting point for this experiment is the conspiracy theories about the phantom Sandy Island, which has long been on the world map but has now been “undiscovered”.

It never existed. Together with the audience, we will fill this spatial void with imaginations of what the island could have been and answer why it has disappeared. Sandy Island becomes a source for creating new stories and new dramatic material – together with the audience.

The trial will take place between May 9 and 18, 2017 at the Experimental Station.

Read the trial’s statement of intent here


Niels Erling, stage director, studying Master of Fine Arts in Theater at the Theater Academy in Malmö (2016-2018)
Rasmus Strange Thue, architect and set designer
Anders Thrue Djurslev, writer and cultural communicator
Astrid Hansen Holm, Test Manager, General Manager of HAUT.