The main experiment in 13/14 focuses on Kitsch.
Throughout December, around 25 performing artists will be exploring what happens when you consistently and persistently work pathetically, banally and sensationally with performing arts.
To mark the occasion, we invite all interested parties to screenings, seminars and a Christmas ball in Santa’s Land
in the days 17. – December 20. Bring out your inner garden gnome and join us!


The test station hosts a seminar
Thursday d. 19.12. 9.30-16 and Friday d. 20.12. 9:30-16 and Christmas ball from 20:00

The Experimental Station’s Kitsch Trial concludes with a two-day seminar, which we hope you’d like to attend. Here, experimental participants, artists, critics, academics and other smart people will try to get closer to the assumptions and premises of how good and bad taste is defined in the world of performing arts.

Seminar program

Thursday. d. 19.
9.30 – 10 Arrival, coffee, Christmas bun and sing-along
10 – 10.30 Presentation of the seminar and participants by Forsøgsstationen artistic management and moderator Karen Vedel.
10.30 – 11.30 Screening from the experiment: “Krybbespil” – a dance performance by Lotte Faarup with physically trained actors and actors from Glad Teater. Follow-up questions and reflections.
11.30 – 11.40 Break
11.40 – 13 Panel debate with Teateravisen’s reviewers:
Anne Middelboe, Janken Varden, Kirsten Dahl, Randi K. Pedersen and editor Carsten Jensen under the theme: “On what terms do you define good and bad taste and how does it affect your work? Followed by a debate with the audience. Karen Vedel.
13 – 14 Lunch
14 – 15 Screening from the experiment: “Bodil Kjær – she is standing in the kitchen drinking milk” by Emil Hansen and the acting team, followed by questions and reflections.
15 – 15.30 Wrap-up by. Karen Vedel with the audience and participants from the two screenings.
15.30 – 16 Farewell coffee, Christmas clips and free play with the karaoke machine

Friday d. Dec. 20.
9.30 – 10 am Arrival, coffee, Christmas heart and sing-along.
10-11 Cand.mag., PhD and museum curator Michael Eigtved gives a lecture on taste and popular culture. Followed by an exchange with Karen Vedel.
11 – 12.15 Scenographers/installation artists: Sille Dons Heltoft, Vera Maeder, Filippa Berglund and Lise Klitten guide participants through their take on a kitsch installation.
12.15 – 13.15 Lunch
13.15 – 14.30 Screening from Glad Teater’s experiment, developed by Lars Werner Thomsen and Jesper Michelsen, followed by questions and reflection.
14.30- 15.30 Joint debate with all contributors and participants by moderator in relation to
to the question: Does Danish theater need to shift its notion of good and bad taste?
15.30 – 16 Mulled wine and carol singing with the Orchestra.
20 The doors open for the Christmas Ball with a welcome drink.
21 Schwanzen Sänger Boys singing Christmas carols.
22-23 Karaoke bar and Christmas bingo with great prizes.
23-02 Soul Funk disco.
03 Good night!

Seminar participation: 300 DKK (covers lunch both days and Christmas ball)
Registration required by Friday d. 13.12. at



11. + Dec. 12: The first performance of the Christmas Dance Nativity Play took place at the end of the day – attractive and repulsive at the same time, but can you really give birth to an elf? The foyer has now been visited by royalty, the German candy, a seamstress and 4 creepy, cute troll children have displaced Emil & Co, who mostly rehearse after dark. Who sawed the Christmas tree in half?

Dec. 10: Soon you’ll be able to stage yourself in a group photo where you’re not quite sure of the full picture until it’s too late(!), enjoy the full wellness of Lalandia, see the Savior come to the World in snow and cold accompanied by brand new pop tunes … we don’t quite know where it all ends

Dec. 9: Today the rooms are also taking shape; 4 installation artists have taken over the premises – even the women’s wardrobe is occupied. 7 hard-working dwarves mourn a dead Snow White, who is post-mortem outfitted according to all the rules of kitsch, and we find out what the 3 famous words really mean: “I Love You”?

Dec. 6: One could be forgiven for thinking that storm Bodil had blown the Experimental Station down, incl. players and the whole nine yards. But actually, we had just agreed on a rest day today. However, Lotte and Øyvind had to do an interview about the trial’s progress so far, and PH also says that art is not something you like. It should sting, hurt and be a nuisance – even in stormy weather. Have a great weekend!

4. + Dec. 5: GLAD has taken a detour through the Bollywood genre to find that the East-West is home sweet home; the festive traditions and National Kitsch must be at the forefront. With christenings, weddings and funerals. New Year’s traditions In front of the TV. DanseGruppen is already getting some structure to the experiment, but must remember that the proportions should not fit at all costs!

Dec. 3: We find that we work the opposite of normal; we shouldn’t find the good and beautiful – we should find the ugly and focus on it, make it bigger. Can we compete with a singing penis?


Dec. 2: The trials have started: Brainstorming, singing musicals, killing with water guns and playing sheep in the Lord’s field – GLAD Theater and KrybbeDansen are definitely ON! We’re looking forward to the next few days…


Day 1: Towards Berlin – Sunday, August 18: It’s gray ice on Sunday afternoon. The artistic directors of the experimental station meet under the clock and board a train to Berlin. Read more here

Day 2: Berlin – Monday, August 19: We plow through Karl Max avenue. What is it. Socialist-classicist-cranecake architecture? Kitsch? Well, if we’re talking about style confusion and the main focus on impressing … Continue reading here

Day 3: Latest news from Berlin – Tuesday, August 20: …. Berlin is full of all sorts of historical and cultural and artistic expression – some of it may be kitsch in isolation, but when it doesn’t stand alone, but blends beautifully with everything else, the kitschiness dissolves and creates, as we feel, a haven of direction and possibility and an acceptance of the distinctive. Read the rest of today’s travel letter here

Day 4: One way to Hamburg – Wednesday, August 21: We leave Berlin and drive to Hamburg. In our suitcases we have: – Brandenburg Gate trapped in a snowy landscape – A skeleton head as a shot glass – A piece of MUR encased in postcards. Read the full travel letter here

Day 5: The garden gnomes return home – Thursday, August 22: The most important thing, however, is the fact that “Guter und schlechter Geschmack im Kunstgewerbe” is in our suitcase – Gustav Pazaurek’s bible of taste, in German jawohl. Read the full last travel letter here


As part of the warm-up for the main trial in December, we’ve gathered a wonderful selection of kitschy items for display in the foyer. There’s room for expansion – and we encourage house guests to take the opportunity to (read: get rid of) this unique opportunity to elevate your kitsch: Donate it to a good cause, put it to good use – and indulge it by pairing it with like-worthy items