The project stems from a need to explore the theater’s potential for intimacy in contrast to today’s fast pace and high noise levels. To do this, we go all the way back to the starting point of life: inspiration – pause – expiration – pause

Breathing is created by the physical movement of the body – the activity of the muscles, the expansion of the lungs, the air flowing in and out of the human body. Breathing creates the voice by oscillating the air in the throat. This makes sound, speech and singing possible. In this way, auditory communication, like all physical movement, is deeply dependent on breathing.

In this attempt, we will delve into the meeting of the arts; theater and music, which often meet, each being an element in a larger, multi-layered composition. We will explore what the two subjects can learn from each other, bringing them together in a co-creation process. In this meeting, we will take advantage of the similarities in their vocabularies so that we can start from a common language and move into uncharted territory. Here we will try out methods across the fields to get lost and discover new paths in the creative process.

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