Beatrice Visits Islands Beginning with ‘B’

In the experiment and project I will develop my multifaceted artistic practice consisting of acting, text, performance, video, drawing, photography, painting, sculpture, etc. Compile and fuse these different artistic approaches, forms and fields and bring them into a new context to: Beatrice Visits Islands Beginning with ‘B’. I will use experiences, travels and memories as conceptual material and translate them into this mix of performance and visual art works. The art forms are fluid, yet we are often put in a ‘Booth’ and ticked off in a ‘Box’, I want to explore, try to change and create an abstract universe for my new artistic alter ego Beatrice, named after Dante’s guide and muse in the underworld and Shakespeare’s Beatrice from ‘Much Ado About Nothing’. The Islands she visits are: WAVES, BIODIVERSITY, STUFF & BOXES – through which I will explore and look at life, future, identity, body, conscience, grief, social norms, etc. and end with an open experiment.


Beatrice Visiting Islands Beginning with ‘B’ is currently a solo project by and with Mira Noltenius, an actor who graduated from The American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York in 2004, who has since worked as a freelance actor at home and abroad, and is also a playwright and visual artist.