Panel debate and discussion with participation from Julie Edel Hardenberg, Svend Hardenberg, Turid Nolsøe and Kuku Agami.

The panel discussion is based on representation in the TV and film industry. This is an area that has been debated in Denmark in recent years. Here there is a need to look critically at the lack of diverse representation, what stories are told, and how people and situations are represented. The discussions include participants who have been involved in or have insight into the productions. The discussion is based on questions such as:
How can we ensure good representation that takes the power perspective seriously?
How do you ensure that oppressive structures like stereotyping and exoticization are not reproduced?
How can we ensure better representation in future productions?
Which voices should be included and how?
How do we ensure a true representation of colonial history without perpetuating colonial structures?
The event is free of charge