Anorexia; my best friend, my worst enemy

Key question: How do we investigate the physicality of eating disorders based on autobiographical material to uncover and elucidate the psychomotor roots of body dysmorphia.

The purpose of the experiment is toresearch methods for performing arts bodily work with vulnerable life experts on their terms, focusing on the performative in their expressions and experiences and how it can be given authentic scenic form.

The field of studyis the body/history; what narrative is hidden in our skin, muscles, bones, nervous system, cells, where is the denial encapsulated. How does it affect our body and therefore our being in the world. How does it affect the breath we take and give to our surroundings? How is it transformed into movements that can be developed into dance?

Our bodies are us, but what happens when mind and body are separated and the body becomes the object of our struggle with ourselves? When the body becomes the place where the battle between powerlessness and control over one’s own life is fought. When the battle for control over one’s life is fought in and with one’s own body instead of with the outside world that causes the desire for control and perfection. When, in powerlessness, you distance yourself from your body and subject it to starvation and denial of the most basic needs.

We explore the above through 3 workshop series and use Anna Halprin’s methods, storytelling and butoh/imagework



Lene Kreilgaard; performer, dance artist and actor, Karolina Wojtowicz; circus artist and performer Signe Grønnebæk, blogger www.anoreksigne, bridge builder and consultant