Emotional landscape

How can I as a player navigate my emotions in an improvisation? Emotions are abstract, constantly moving and hard to pin down. How can I be concrete and approach the work without getting lost in the flux? Able to capture the feeling, make it clear, but still alive in the moment? Hopefully the work will give me an insight into a landscape of emotions and the abstract expression and the recognizable. Emotions in motion, but also in stillness. I will take four basic emotions as my starting point: anger, joy, sadness and fear, based on previous research work in collaboration with the Institute for Performing Arts, Sv.




This time I will be alone in the studio, but invite Helle Thun, singer and performer, to share some of my practice. In the final phase of my research, I will invite Barbara Bernadi, a video artist from Berlin, to create a piece of video art called “Emotional landscape”.