Finding your voice by working with
the breath, the body and the voice and the word.
Nadine George’s voice work is about finding your voice’s potential.
It was actually developed for actors but in my work with the method it has become clear that it is about the general human relationships.
Finding your voice, taking your place, focusing your energy and being able to direct your energy, voice and focus to express what you want.
Often your voice is much bigger and has much more colour and strength than you think.
It may be experiences in childhood, adolescence or adulthood that have made us feel smaller.
Voice training is about exploring your voice and its potential, and therefore your own potential
The tools are simple and you can take them with you.
A day will consist of
Working on the breath two by two, guided by me.
Then work on walking in space and focusing the gaze and breath.
Warming up the voices together
Then work with the voices individually
The last part of the work includes all the previous elements. The breath, the focus, the voice and a work on making oneself bigger.

The regular weekly voice lessons resume on Wednesdays from 09:00 – 10:30 in Boulevarden.

Remember to sign up by 9 pm the night before at (text) 20 15 09 49 (Angelina). You will have a place once your participation has been confirmed. Places are limited so it is important to sign up.

It’s free for all members! Remember to be ready to start at 9:00 – class is often full and we need to get started quickly so everyone can get through individual voice work.
‘Newcomers’ who have never worked with the technique before can join on the first Wednesday of the month unless otherwise agreed.
It is expected that before the first time you have oriented yourself about the work and have learned the four text bites used in the warm-up(THE FOUR VOICE QUALITIES)


For beginners read here.

Angelina Kirchhoff is a trained actress.
Since 2003 I have taught at theatre schools, actor students, professional artists, architects from BIG given workshops for the deaf and for the last 12 years I have taught at The Lab station in Kbh. A place to develop and explore for professional performers.
And of course I play theatre.
I met Nadine and the method 20 years ago in a workshop. It opened my eyes to how much I was hiding.
And that I had a much bigger voice and a much bigger range than I knew that I could use, both on stage and in my encounters with other people.
The starting point for Nadine’s teaching is that you should feel comfortable in the space where we work together. We can’t sing wrong. Because it’s not about singing, it’s about opening up your voice to all that it and you hold, so you can take ownership of it and gradually implement the knowledge you gain about yourself in your everyday life.
That’s why we work with text at the end of the day to see concretely what happens when we really open our voices and at the same time focus our energy and direct it outwards.