Start Wednesday d. 4 January 2023 from 9.15 -11.00

Finding your voice by working with
the breath, the body and the voice and the word.
Nadine George’s voice work is about finding your voice’s potential.
It was actually developed for actors but in my work with the method it has become clear that it is about the general human relationships.
Finding your voice, taking your place, focusing your energy and being able to direct your energy, voice and focus to express what you want.Often your voice is much bigger and has much more colour and strength than you think. It may be experiences in childhood, adolescence or adulthood that have made us feel smaller.
Voice training is about exploring your voice and its potential, and therefore your own potential

The tools are simple and you can take them with you.


Remember to sign up by 9pm the night before on 20 15 09 49 (Angelina). You will have a place once your participation has been confirmed. Places are limited so it is important to sign up.