A “Pure” Tragedy

To process, develop, opt out and explore what can and cannot be used from the play ‘A “CLEAN” TRAGEDY’, to test and try out the text material in the stage space, together with own video and visual art, in a pop sound universe. In the summer of ’22 I was in Athens to write a play inspired by the ancient Greek tragedies at ‘the Danish Institute’, it became the first draft of ‘A “PURE” TRAGEDY’. I gave myself the freedom to just soak up what was going on in the city, in Greece, while geeking out on the ancient tragedies, it was fun, a chorus of 42 different people, as well as several very violently suffering women and men. In the past I have also been to Athens to research burlesque and the political biting humour in Aristophanes comedies, this has resulted in a novel text, an illustrated long poem, and a first act play, these texts, in excerpts, I would also like to incorporate into the experiment.



Mira Noltenius – Actress, playwright, stage director.
Graduated from The American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York in ’04, has then lived and worked in acting and theatre in Dublin, London and around Italy, also with the Odin Theatre. Has since played several long monologues directed by Ulla Koppel in Denmark, and has most recently this autumn played in Ulla Koppel’s music drama theatre performance ‘Shoes by the River’. Wrote, produced and performed in ’12 the monologue ‘Night Flyer’ and in ’15 together with an international team of actors ‘Misty Gaze will Amaze – 100 years for women’s suffrage’, a burlesque-inspired theatre show I also staged.

In the experiment I would like to include a pop music and sound universe composed by and created with BySaabye (soundcloud.com/stianbysaabye) for dance, performance, video, visual art, with text material to be tried out and also like to involve more dancers and actors, maybe even singers – this team is still in the making.