Experiment led by Birgitte Lundtoft with the aim to investigate what influence light and darkness have on us (as people, performers and audience) – and how we can enhance the perception of changing states in the blue hour through different materialities, touch and movement.

The experiment is itself a goal in the form of an investigation of the blue hour, as a shift of internal and external states – in the body and its environment. It takes place at the Experimental Station in week 5, 2019.

The study will form the basis for creating a series of performances/happenings that take place during the blue hour. The series will reportedly be part of an outdoor art installation in Oslo in winter 2019.

Read the trial’s statement of intent here


The experiment is led by Birgitte Lundtoft, dancer and choreographer. Julie Schmidt Andreasen, dancer and choreographer.

Background to the experiment

“The idea sprang from meditation practice, where the blue hour was described as a period of time that has given rise to both meditative traditions and artistic practices in different cultures. This made us curious about our relationship to the blue hour, if and how we experience it in everyday life and what aesthetic and sensual ways it can be experienced? How do we experience the shift from day to night and night to day? How can time give rise to daily reflection, lingering and grounding? What qualities does the blue hour hold that we can bring to attention through materiality, touch and movement?

For several years we have been dealing with nature in and around people with works like “Signature of Site” and “My Land is Your Land” at Landshape Land Art Festival 2015-2016, Kunst Ved Kanalen 2016, Amager Naturcenter, Tvis Mølle Nature Laboratorium 2017. Here we worked on how different age groups could have different roles as audience members, participants and performers. Also in this research our relationship to “participants”, “audience”, “performers” is ambiguous – just like in the blue hour – roles go from being clear and defined to merging and dissolving completely.”

(draft from intention report)