– a choreographic study of vibration

The experiment is a study of a performance that challenges the private and the public, a quest to create new connections between performer and audience.

“A small intimate performance at the foot of a bed. A feast for the senses, spaceship and bluetooth. An invitation into intimate spheres, to sensuality, to the worlds hidden in the untouched chambers of consciousness, to the unconscious and to the dreams that open up to the attentive spectator.” (foreword Dance Halls)

Read the trial’s statement of intent here


The experiment is led by choreographer Sara Gebran, who is also the performer in the study. Micaela Kühn Jara and Amalie Bergstein Nielsen will also take part.

SARA GEBRAN (VZ/DK) holds a BA/MA in Urban Planning from the University Simón Bolivar Venezuela (1982-87), is a trained dancer from the Instituto Superior de Danza Caracas (1989-92) and holds an advanced degree in “The History of Images and Its Representation” from The Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm (2012-13). Her work involves performance, video art, sound, text work, digital works and explores different approaches to sustainable art production that generates genuine autonomy and collaboration.