The experiment “Self” investigates the self as a physical state or starting point and what this focus does for performer, spectator, expression and movement quality.

The experiment will ask questions such as:

Can focusing on yourself make you more inclusive? And what does it do to the body to move from open to closed movements, from fast to slow? What does this eternal transformation do to the body. What does it mean for the viewer? By embracing the darker sides of yourself, perhaps you can reach another stage in yourself? What does it mean for the viewer?

Photo: Glenn Ziqver Xavier

Read the trial’s statement of intent here


The experiment is led by mime Linn Sandegård. Other participants are performer and musician Kirstine Lindemann, mime and actor Glenn Ziqver Xavier and director and actor Louise Skaaning.


The idea stems from a deep fascination and interest the body. But also for the mystery of the East. For example, how does Buddhism harmonize into movements, and how can the body portray different moods? Can the self be both the starting point and the focal point of a performance? How does the self work when it is in focus, and how does the self work in, for example, trance? What forms of the self are there, can we divide the movements according to Freud’s and Jung’s ideas about the unconscious, the conscious and the subconscious?


Experiment report is available here.