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Helene Kvint: The Personal Narrative, Vol. 2

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Next Monday, Helene Kvint is back for a second TEOM this season. Once again, she invites you to work with your personal stories, inside her personal space and her long standing performing arts practice. How can we transform a personal story into scenic expression? How do you shape a story you burn to get out there into something that touches all of us? We try different exercises and take our personal stories out on the floor.
Afterwards, over coffee and croissants, we discuss questions like these:
When is a personal story too private?
How honest can you stand to be?
Are all personal stories interesting or are they only interesting to those who have been through siilar experiences?
About Helene Kvint
Helene’s professional focus throughout the last 25 years have been personal and documentary stories, including the developments of methods to work with the personal. Her works are based on the strong believe that the personal is general and therefore relevant to many.
Please register to participate by filling out the form on this website. Everyone is invited, regardless if you were there for Helene’s first TEOM, are a member of anything at all and, best of all, it’s FREE!
Helene would like to invite you into her personal space, into her performing arts practice.
She invites us to a playful investigation of how to transform the personal narrative into a performing art expression? How do you shape the narrative you are passionate about into art that touches us all?
Together we explore different exercises on the floor. We use our own stories.
Over coffee, I’d like to invite you to an intimate conversation about:
When is the personal narrative too private?
How honest can you be?
Are all personal stories interesting?
Or is it only interesting for those who have experienced the same?
About Helene Kvint
Helene’s consistent focus over the last 25 years has been the personal or documentary narrative, and developing techniques for working with the personal. She works from a strong belief that the personal is universal and therefore relevant to many.