The experiment “The Laughing Game” by Antoinette Helbing is based on the phenomenon of laughter. She uses already generated material from research on this in an exploration of how the many forms of value of laughter can be conveyed through a dancer in a solo.

I see a great artistic and physical potential in unfolding laughter as social communication, bodily state, stirring sound and sparkling sensation. I believe a thorough research can be the base into developing an aesthetic, sounding and thought provoking encounter with laughter.

(quote from intention report)

Photo: Jan Vesala

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The experiment is led by Antoinette Helbing, who is also a performer and with Katrine Johansen as sparring partner.

Open Warm-up/morning training:

Antoinette writes as an invitation:

The training takes place between 9-10 am in the Camera room, and is aimed at everyone who is interested in both movement and voice work. There will be 45 minutes of movement-based warm-up consisting of a long shaking session (15-20 minutes) and then some lengthening/strengthening. You don’t have to be a dancer to follow along, you just have to want to dive into the body. The last 15 minutes are used for the laughter study itself. In that part I have to try myself. But it’s going to be about body and voice in relation to laughter.”

Antionette Helbing also invited to a screening Friday 17 January at 14.00 in the Camera Room here at the Experiment Station. Read more

Still from view. Recording: Jan Versala.

Experimental report can be read