The Foxcave Development Project by Sew Flunk Fury Wit, explores the immersive theatre genre and attempts to answer the question of how to tell a sensory story that envelops its audience in interaction, sensing and narrative. The trial will take place in autumn 2019.

“Our study has a thematic framework that the creative team works into, through various experiments, mini-tests and reflections. Secondly, we explore how to give the audience a leading role in a narrative where the consequence of their interaction is the emergence of a scenographic and performative universe that envelops them”. (quote from intention report)

The experiment includes one or more screenings for the public, where they are introduced to the project and experience sub-elements. Since the audience is intended to play the main role, their presence and participation are essential to the development.

Dates will be announced here as time approaches.

The experimental project is supported by the Bikuben Foundation, the Danish Arts Foundation and the Actors’ Union.

Read the experiment’s purpose statement


The idea and concept were developed by performer Svend E. Kristensen and director Jesper Pedersen. It also involves a creative team currently being assembled, as well as sample audiences.

Photo: Svend E. Kristensen