The GESTURES experiment aims to explore how, through our formal language of dance and music, we can work with, relate to, use, translate, record and understand processes and self-organising principles observed in nature.

How can this inform strategies for generating choreographic and compositional form?

We work partly in duos and partly in groups, exploring the position of the self, dynamics between individual and group/entity, and dynamics between dance and music.

In November 2019, Ellen Kilsgaard and Henriette Groth will begin this work at the Experimental Station, where the theatre collective “Str Maja” will participate as test rabbits. There will be a viewing on. 22 November at 15:00 in the Witmarcksaal.

In December they will start a collaboration with several artists and two geologists to further develop their work on natural processes and composition with a focus on geology.

Read the experiment’s purpose statement


The experimental leader is choreographer, dancer, teacher and researcher Ellen Kilsgaard and musician and composer Henriette Groth participates in the experiment.