The experiment is a continuation of another experiment that Tora Balslev held in the 18/19 season entitled “
Fair Phone
” which later became the performance “Nature Calls” and inspired by “
The imprint of the body
” led by Katrine Stewart, in which Tora participated as a dancer.

“The idea arose through stage work with smartphones, hardware and minerals in connection with the performance Naturen Kalder (2019). Here I did a long research about minerals and geology, as well as got interested in “body calligraphy”, because the phone was collected in China and Taoism and calligraphy became an inspiration. At the same time, I became aware of the potential of “The Body’s Footprint” through the experimental work with Katrine Stewart and Co. in the project of the same name. Finally, I have worked briefly with sand in my summer house-corona-exile on Mols – because that was what was at hand.”Tora is interested in the body’s dialogue with materials and this experiment explores the potential of sand as a partner, as a way of life.


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Tora Balslev: Background as performer and choreographer. Here experimental leader, concept and dancer

Antoinette Helbing: Background as dancer and choreographer: Here choreographic consultant focusing on body and movement.

Betina Birkjær: Background as performer, director, writer, dramaturg. Here dramaturgical consultant with focus on statements and mediation.

Katrine Stewart (formerly Johansen), Background as designer and illustrator. Here graphic consultant focusing on the markings in the sand.

Jens Juul: Background as an artist and photographer. Here photographer.