We hereby invite those interested in telling and taking part in telling stories to join the experiment, Telling Workshop, at the Experimental Station

At the Telling Studio we want to look at storytelling with fresh eyes. We will create a dynamic storytelling workshop with exercises and games, where we share our own stories in a listening, participatory universe.The overall theme for the four Sundays of the Telling Workshop is dream stories; containing everything from night dreams, to day dreams, life dreams, myths and nightmares and whatever else comes to mind.

You don’t need to be experienced in storytelling and you can tell and share your stories to the extent that you are prepared to. The only prerequisite is a curiosity for narrative and a desire to play and explore; what words and body can do in space? Can the flow of images in the narrative be created on the premises of the studio? Can the moods of the narrative be seen as colours on a palette? Are the theatre’s effects colours on the palette? What stories do we really have at heart?


Each Sunday is divided into 4 parts: an opening story, a warm-up of body and voice, shared storytelling exercises and a debriefing. There will be a break with tea/coffee/fruit/cake.

Participation is free of charge.


Time and place

Four Sundays: 5 and 19 September and 3 and 17 October, all in odd weeks, 2-6 pm, at the Experimental Station, Sønder Boulevard 81, Vesterbro.


Registration with Jesper on SMS 26929841.


Background of the Telling Atelier and who we are

The constellation Jakob Bentsen, Mikkel Trier Rygaard and Jesper la Cour has emerged during the winter and spring of 2021, where we have met weekly in an inspired sharing space, which we now call a Telling Atelier.

Jakob has collected and shared stories based on his experiences as a performer, visual artist and co-creator in the mask group Mummenschanz (including 2 years on Broadway), he has worked with both visual and verbal stories throughout his life.

Mikkel, with his professional acting and playwriting background and special knowledge of the playwright’s space, has shared his processes and channelling of dream narratives through text for, among others. The Kgl. Theatre. He is also workshop leader and director of The Little Lord’s Theatre.

Jesper has shared his extensive award-winning and internationally acclaimed work and repertoire in The Narrative Theatre and the development of Story Play, which is a creative process model for developing connected storytelling.