Silence – Pause – Reverberation is a choral work that focuses on transforming the sounds and actions of the audience into an artistic sound work. What does expectation sound like? Breath holding? What do people do during breaks and what does it sound like? And what are the impressions that remain in the memory and suddenly appear as perhaps a tone or a word?

The research material for the sound works was developed by the artistic management of Forsøgsstation, the sound works were written by composer Peter Bruun and further developed with conductor Erik Jakobsson and a choir consisting of 25 people from Copenhagen and the surrounding area.

Silence – Pause – Reverberation is part of a long-term research project at Forsøgsstationen, entitled: “Audience Development in an Artistic Context”.

The project is supported by both the Bikuben Foundation and the State Art Fund’s music drama inter-aesthetic pool.

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Friday 9 October at 7pm and 9pm


Saturday 10 October at 16:00

Sunday 11 October at 14.00 and 16.00

All performances take place at Forsøgsstationen, Sønder Boulevard 81, 1720 Copenhagen V.

Tickets are free and can be booked by calling 38793828 on 29 September and 6 October from 10-12

Due consideration is given to corona restrictions, which means for example that only 25 tickets are offered per performance.