It is now possible to apply for membership of the Experimental Station for the next season, which begins on 1 August. All enquiries should be made via or our main number 38793828 as we are not yet open to personal enquiries.

To become a member there are some criteria you have to meet and you have to submit your CV and an application form. Read how to apply for membership here. (NOTE: Unless you are a current member for the 19/20 season, you must follow this procedure even if you may have been a member in the past)

Individual memberships (which have a reduced price until 30 August):
The price for renewal/registration is DKK 1,000 (usual reduced price) and it can be done from now until 30 August. After that, it’s full price, i.e. 1,300 for membership in September (list of prices for joining later can be found here). Please note that the house is completely closed in July.

The other categories have the following prizes:
Membership for artists outside Copenhagen: 400 kr.
Group membership for theatres in Greater Copenhagen: DKK 3,000.
Group membership for theatres outside Copenhagen: 1.550 kr.
Guest memberships for artists living abroad: 275 DKK.

NOTE: We cannot guarantee that membership will be available throughout the season, depending on demand and developments in the COVID situation.

Photo: James Sutton / Unsplash