Forsøgsstationen is the setting for this event with the Association of Danish Dramatists on Saturday 22 February at 15:30-17:30.

The Association of Danish Playwrights (FDD) will hold its annual general meeting, and in this context there will be a panel discussion with the theme “Collective Processes”.

The panel includes:

Solveig Gade (Professor of Performing Arts at DDSKS)
Tine Ilum (Dramaturg at Aarhus Theatre)
by Proxy (collective performance group)

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Limited number of places. Remember name.

Text from programme:

How do you define your role in the collective process? How do you work in the collective process? So, do you do a lot of conceptual development work, are you in the rehearsal room a lot, etc.), how do you prepare for the collective process? Does the collective process require anything else from you? (If yes, what?) Is there more room for dramaturgical thinking in the collective process? Get answers to these questions and many more.