The newsletter for January 2019 is out. Read the full version here.

** The newsletter contains:
1. Since last
1. Bikubenfonden grant for new audience projects
2. reunion sound of audience
2. Upcoming activities
1. News about trainings season 18/19
2. Nadine George Voice Work 2019
3. Current member attempts
1. January
1. To Those Who Wait
2. February
1. Strictly
2. The blue hour
4. Special for members
1. Use the network!
2. Training

** Since last time

** Grant from the BIKUBENFONDEN
We are pleased and proud to announce that the Bikuben Foundation has accepted our application for 300,000 DKK in grants for the continued experimental work with audience development in an artistic context under the project titles: “Silence”, “Pause” and “Audience Memories”.

The projects build in several ways on the success of the SOUND OF THE PUBLIC ( , which was the latest in our continuing curiosity in audience relations. We gained many valuable lessons during the LISTENING TO THE PUBLIC and look forward to putting them into play in new challenging projects where the audience’s expectations and assumptions are turned upside down.

Many thanks to the Bikuben Foundation for supporting our work!

More information on these and other new projects will be available in the spring. Among other things, there will be several events during CPH Stage, where we invite the public to different experiences – so you can learn more about what artistic research really is – under the auspices of the Research Station and in our beautiful surroundings.

** Reunion with the “LYDEN AF PUBLIKUM” choir

Photo: Rikke Jeppesen Rod
On Wednesday 9 January we had called together the original ‘crew’ of LYDEN AF PUBLIKUM for a joint screening of the concert recording from the Torino edition of the work from October 2018. For new readers, LYDEN AF PUBLIKUM is Forsøgsstation’s seasonal experiment in 2016/17 and involved a different choral work composed by Peter Bruun on a score by Lotte Faarup and Øyvind Kirchhoff and rehearsed and presented under the expert direction of choirmaster Erik Jakobsson and directed by Lotte Faarup.

At the reunion, we saw both Helle Lyshøj’s recording of the full concert in Turin and the documentary that Lotte Faarup and Helle Lyshøj made about the trip. In addition to clips from the concert, the documentary included several interviews with participants and clips from the conference where several European projects in the same genre were described.

Our film night was an opportunity to reflect once again on the experiences of the original project, of the rehearsals and not least our performance at the Royal Theatre and what it was like to see another group – from another culture – perform the work. We shared anecdotes from the trip and new insights about the work and what it can do. There was also some dreaming about new cities and countries to go to, including *Meyerholdt’s hometown Moscow. Who knows what the future holds?

The Torino project is supported by the Danish Arts Foundation, the EU and the University of Torino.

*) Meyerholdt was the original source of the idea for the work. See the report ( for more detailed information.


** Upcoming activities
Training second part of season 18/19

** Guest teacher for voice training
Angelina Watson who teaches regularly every Wednesday in Nadine George Voice Work goes into production with the Olske Orkester from mid-January on the performance “Salt ( “. We have therefore invited Anja Owe to take over the teaching from Wednesday 23 January until 10 April. Anja, like Angelina, is an accredited acting and voice teacher in Nadine George Voice Work and has assisted Nadine at her acting workshops with international participation in London. In addition, Anja has taught the method at e.g. The Norwegian Academy of Performing Arts in Frederikstad, Norway and at the Copenhagen Film and Theatre School in Copenhagen.

Gaga has moving day after New Year. There will be morning training on Thursday at 8:30-9:30 instead of Tuesday and evening class will move from Wednesday to Tuesday at 20-21 (also new time! – before it was 19-20).

At the bottom of the newsletter is an overview of all training offers in the section “Special for members”. You can also see an overview on the website under “Activities” (link ( )

** Nadine George workshop 2019
Photos: Øyvind Kirchhoff
The annual Nadine George Voice Work workshop, taught by Nadine George, will be held this season during week 18 – Monday 29 April through Saturday 4 May 2019. The workshop is aimed at all performing artists, regardless of previous experience with this work.
The workshop is an annual offer for performing artists, members and non-members. Nadine George’s technique is an integral part of our DNA at the Experiment Station and we offer members ongoing basic training in this work. There is thus voice training every Wednesday at 9-10:45 where you can keep your technique up to date. Read more about it here ( .

You can register for the course with Nadine George by writing to Places are limited so you need to be quick. Price and other information are available here ( .

Current membership attempts

It is always possible to read about ongoing or previous trials via the database ( or under trials ( on the website, where you can also download trial reports and read the trial team’s intention reports – i.e. the trial team’s presentation of the trial itself. Members can apply for time and sparring on trials – see how here ( . Views may not always make it into the newsletter, so keep an eye on our facebook page ( and the website if you are particularly interested in experiencing the artistic research processes up close…

** News about previous trials
Photo: Jacob Stage
Actor and performance artist Tea Rønne made the experiment “Visual Wildness” in season 16/17 – an investigation of specific scenic visual devices. This work has found application in her performance “Slut Starut” which played at Anemonen this month. Read more about the experiment here ( and a nice review of the performance on Teateravisen here ( .

TREFFPUNKT SPEECH(LESS) ( is the title of Annika KompArt’s recently completed working show at Bådteatret. She created the experiment “Speech(less)” at the beginning of the 18/19 season, which has helped define this ongoing study of the dance of the proverb. Casper Koeller wrote a nice review on Sceneblog of the performance which can be read here ( .

Read more about the trial here ( .

** Membership trials in the calendar…


** To Those Who Wait

Declan Whitaker is leading the experiment “To Those Who Wait” which explores how work length and audience engagement interact in an age where we are under great pressure with constant access to stimulating material on various platforms. The trial began in December and is now moving to the UK where Whitaker has received funding from Arts Council England to develop the project further.

Read about the trial here ( .

Photo: Julie Schmidt Andreasen
The experiment “The Blue Hour” is led by Birgitte Lundtoft, and aims to investigate the impact of light and darkness on us (as people, performers and audience) – and how we can enhance the perception of changing states in the blue hour through different materials, touch and movement. Also dancer and choreographer Julie Schmidt Andreasen.

Read more about the trial here ( .


Photo: My Lindbad Szlavik
Choreographer My Lindblad Szlavik from Stands&Dans is leading the experiment, which will use the square as a metaphor for a “safe and secure zone”, inspired by the film “The Square”. As long as you move inside the square you are safe, but as soon as you leave it you are exposed to the unknown and uncertain. How willing are you to leave your comfort zone? In addition to My Lindblad Szlavik, the experimental team consists of Jørgen Teller, composer & musician, Maria Laurette Friis, composer & musician, and dancers Ida Frost & Nanna Hanfgarn Jensen.

Read more about the trial here ( .

Special for members

** Use the network!

We would like to encourage members to use this unique network (which many already do – not least via the facebook group “Forsøgsstationen intern” ( ) – both in the form of invitations to screenings of trials or rehearsals, but of course also when it is time to play a performance.

** Training next month
We are on winter break with trainings except for GAGA which runs in week 7 as well.

The training offer for the second part of the 18/19 season is as follows:
(for updated schedule see website / link ( )

** Monday 18-19:30 – Dance – basic* (Stands&Dans)
Monday 19:30-21 – Flow and technique* (Stands&Dans)
Tuesday 20:00-21:00 – Gaga People **
Wednesday 9-10:45 – Voice training# (SMS the day before)
Thursday 8:30-9:30 – Gaga People **
Sunday 10:30-13:00 – Shakespeare Sunday Lab § (first Sunday of the month)

*) Read more about the teams on their website here ( . It is free for members to attend. Please write to and provide your Member ID when registering.

**) NOTE NEW WEEKDAYS AND TIMES. Free for members – and non-members can join for a fee of 70 DKK per session. See more about dates here ( .

#) Free for members – until 10 April Anja Owe will be teaching. Registration required by 21:00 the evening before by SMS to Anja at 30660122. Class starts at 9 sharp, so be there early.

§) Free for members – and non-members can participate for a fee of DKK 100 per session. Contact Rikke Liljenberg ( for registration.