We are pleased and proud to announce that the Bikuben Foundation has accepted our application for 300,000 DKK in grants for the continued experimental work with audience development in an artistic context under the project titles: “Silence”, “Pause” and “Audience Memories”.

The sound of the audience was a great success from which we learned many valuable lessons AND which we look forward to putting into play in new challenging projects where the audience’s expectations and assumptions are turned upside down.

More information on these and other new projects will follow. Among other things, there will be several events during CPH Stage, where we invite the public to different experiences – so you can learn more about what artistic research really is – under the auspices of the Research Station and in our beautiful surroundings.

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Many thanks to the Bikuben Foundation!

Watch the documentary from the SOUND OF PUBLIC Torino 2018 for an insight into our work here: