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Since last
Report and pictures from Torino Tour 2018

In early October, the LYDEN AF PUBLIKUM toured Italy. We were invited to participate in the conference “Art and Communities: European models of audience engagement and social inclusion” by CARAVAN Next partner Social Community Theatre Centre (http://www.socialcommunitytheatre.com/en/) , University of Turin. We wanted to share our experiences with the original project that was shown last year at CPH Stage and to make a live presentation of the work.

It was the first test of the format as a touring public work. Now it had to be put to the test with an ultra-short test course with whatever cultural and linguistic challenges there might be. There were butterflies in my stomach and travel fever before departure. I wonder how that would go.

We had to make the work with local Torinese in only four half days. Composer Peter Bruun had made a rewritten version of “Moscow 1922” – the part of the work that was created from audience sounds from Meyerholdt in 1920s Russia. And the texts had been translated into Italian by one of our original Sound of Audience participants (thanks Alice Bogoni!).

The weather was on our side as the day arrived for the start of rehearsals at the University of Turin. Lotte Faarup, Helle Lyshøj and Peter Bruun were ready to work with a group of Italian ‘audiences’ – there were 45 signed up and they had closed registration long ago – it was very popular!

The first test was on Monday morning at 9:30 and when the time came, 17 had arrived for the test. Well for that. But the rehearsal was started and people kept pouring in – so in the end there were about 30 – not bad… we just had to adjust to Torino time.

Photo caption: the second day after the rehearsal we went to the theatre to check technique etc. Our host Maurizio took us through a sunny town to Teatro Vittoria, a nice little theatre in the centre of town.

It was a super fun experience to make the work with a new group and we have many good experiences to share in different ways. Lotte Faarup and Helle Lyshøj are putting the finishing touches to the film about the trip these days.

We also had the opportunity to share the work ‘behind’ the experiment and the experience we gained with the over 80 participants at the conference; other groups and organisations working with community theatre – and for which the University of Turin has a separate institute!

Lotte Faarup and Øyvind Kirchhoff were ‘on’ several times at the different venues of the conference – Øyvind led a workshop with participants where the format from the SOUND OF PUBLIC was tried in a different context.

Photo caption: from the first rehearsal at the theatre, the whole team after our performance, and last selfie with our ‘hosts’ – Alessandra Bortolotto and Tommaso Rocca – they own the apartment we stayed in and through this contact Alessandra had signed up as a participant of the Sound of the Audience Turin edition!

As a participant in both the Danish and now the Italian version, it becomes clear that the work is capable of something quite special both socially and artistically. Even with only four half-day rehearsals, we raised the roof at Teatro Vittorio and created a new little family. It was a powerful experience.

We also made new contacts in the world and added new perspectives to our own work.

Many thanks to the Danish Arts Foundation and to the University of Turin for supporting this project.

** “You can’t have everything!”

https://www.forsoegsstationen.dk/blog/man_kan_ikke_faa_alt/Vi had the honour and pleasure of hosting the Patras Theatre’s anniversary party in August. We’ve already reported on this in previous newsletters, but we loved their chairman Claus Mandøe’s speech to them so much that we persuaded him to let us publish it in our cultural policy blog. It was titled “You can’t have everything” and it refers to a wonderful story from ‘real (theatre) life’…

Thanks to Claus for the beautiful and appreciative words to a theatre that has been bursting at the seams for 33 years – and for having put very precise words to the conditions the theatres are under and what happens despite all the sadness and hardship. Read it (https://www.forsoegsstationen.dk/blog/man_kan_ikke_faa_alt/) – it’s good!

** Upcoming activities
“How do you talk about quality in theatre?”
Seminar on experiences and new visions for quality work in theatre

Saturday d. On November 24, 18, Forsøgsstationen in Copenhagen will hold a seminar on the concept of quality in theatre. Inspired by the work of the quality committees in the children’s and youth environment in the 80s and 90s, and sensing a growing need in the theatre community to (re)find a qualified language around criticism, we are trying to put the quality discussion on the agenda.

The seminar has invited all members of the former Quality Committee of the Children’s Theatre Association%C3%(BTS) to benefit from their valuable experience (e.g. Catherine Poher, Bodil Alling, Gitte Kath, Simon Vagn Jensen, Peter Seligmann, Michael Ramlöse, Lene Vestergaard, Biba Schwoon and others).

We hope that as many people as possible from the children’s/youth theatre community, as well as the wider theatre community, will want to participate and get involved in this important conversation. There is still time to sign up. Read how here (https://www.forsoegsstationen.dk/2018/11/06/husk-melde-dig-kvalitetsseminar-24-november/) .

Read the preview here (http://www.teateravisen.dk/seminar-om-kvalitetsarbejde-i-teatret.html) in Teateravisen.

Special for members

Become a member
If you are not yet a member but would like to be, you can read more about membership and conditions here (http://www.forsoegsstationen.dk/medlemsskab/) . Contact Dorte at dorte@forsoegsstationen.dk for more info. Allow 1-2 weeks for registration.

** Use the network!

We would like to encourage members to use this unique network (which many already do – not least via the facebook group “Forsøgsstationen intern” (https://www.facebook.com/groups/944010352410912/) ) – both in the form of invitations to screenings of trials or rehearsals, but of course also when it is time to play a performance.

** Christmas Lunch 2018

The date for this year’s Christmas party has been decided. We are holding a Christmas party for house members, ‘residents’ and friends in the usual relaxed ‘bring-your-own-course-and-good-entertainment’ style on Saturday 8 December 2018. Mark your calendars – it’s going to be big!

** Training offers and workshops
We have continued with the popular voice training by Angelina Watson on Wednesdays at 9-11, Rikke Liljenberg’s ShakespeareLab on the first Sunday of the month and, as already announced, Gaga is back on the weekly schedule! There is GAGA training twice a week and on the last Friday of the month. Stands&Dans is also back with two modern dance classes on Monday night. My Lindblad and Camilla Stage are the main teachers throughout the season.

** In short, the training offer for the 18/19 season looks like this:
(for updated schedule see website / link (https://www.forsoegsstationen.dk/traening-saeson-18-19/) )


** Monday 18-19:30 – Dance – basic* (Stands&Dans)
Monday 19:30-21 – Flow and technique* (Stands&Dans)
Tuesday 8:30-9:30 – Gaga People **
Wednesday 9-10:45 – Voice training# (SMS the day before)
Wednesday 19:00-20:00 – Gaga People **
Friday 9-10 – Gaga people **
Sunday 10:30-13:00 – Shakespeare Sunday Lab § (first Sunday of the month)

*) Read more about the teams on their website here (http://standsogdans.dk) . It is free for members to attend. Please write to info@standsogdans.dk and provide your Member ID when registering.

**) Free for members – and non-members can participate for a fee of 70 DKK per session. See more about dates here (https://www.facebook.com/groups/1448549642051388/) .

#) Free for members – if you want a trial lesson contact Angelina. Registration required by 21:00 the evening before by SMS to Angelina 20150949.

§) Free for members – and non-members can participate for a fee of DKK 100 per session. Contact Rikke Liljenberg (mailto:rikkeliljenberg@gmail.com) for registration.