The meeting of poetic narrative and expressionist physical theatre

The continuation of the experiment in season 18/19 is called “The Actor as Shaman ” – read more here.

In August 2017, Det Olske Orkester began a 3-year research project at the The Lab station to investigate and develop a theatrical idiom based on a combination of poetic narrative and expressionist physical theater.

The research project works on a weekly basis and involves a company of 6 actors/dancers and a director.

Photo: Øyvind Kirchhoff


The research project is a further development of the idiom created by Det Olske Orkester with the award-winning and widely performed performance “When we stayed away” and forms the artistic basis for the theater’s next major venture, the trilogy: “A nation’s self-hatred – Denmark between shame and self-overestimation” consisting of the performances: “Sugar“, “Salt” and “Who’s knocking”?