The intention is to investigate the graphic language that the autonomous body creates in its encounter with paper. The hypothesis is that the emerging individual compositions together create a graphic expression in which movement and body are recognized. It is also an examination and documentation of the body surface with hair, pores and folds. To let the prints speak separately in detail/texture and together in form/composition.

The graphic work will be a study of:

Surface structure – skin and hair.
Shapes – fat, muscle, cartilage, bone.
Course – sense of movement, coherence.
Composition – the graphic unit.
The relationship between the different compositions.

Finally, it also becomes an investigation of the body in motion as a printing tool: to what extent does the medium limit the method – the paper has a certain format and is fragile, what does this do to the movement? The dancer moves with a focus on contact with the ground, but also explores other patterns of movement that do not relate to the imprint. How does it affect the print and the graphic expression?

Read the trial’s statement of intent here


Katrine Stewart, illustrator and graphic designer (leader of the experiment)
Tora Balslev, dancer and physical performer
Mireia Serra, dancer and psychomotor therapist


Experiment report is available here.