Would you like to be part of a completely different choir, where you don’t have to sing beautifully, but help create a soundscape of audience sounds and actions such as coughing, snoring, laughing, sighing, shushing, rattling a candy bag, being still, standing up and walking, in a 50-person subtle choral work?

The choral work will be staged by Lotte Faarup, composed by the internationally renowned composer Peter Bruun in collaboration with the choral participants and conducted by Erik Jakobsson. Here are links to posters that can be downloaded and shared in the real world.

The choral work will be performed during Copenhagen’s international theatre festival CPH STAGE from 1 – 4 June 2017 and rehearsals are now underway at Forsøgsstationen on Vesterbro.

“The Sound of the Audience” is part of a larger European artistic and social project in 15 major European cities entitled “Caravanext” (www.caravanext.eu). It’s about all of us creating encounters between very different groups of people living in the local area through artistic activities and these activities giving us a sense of community, cohesion and identity.

We hope you will join us.

Here is a short film showing what to expect as a participant and audience!


Contact person: Øyvind Kirchhoff

Read more about the project here.